Overcoming Adversity - How Mental Toughness Can Help You Thrive! | ReSkills OnLIVE Class

Overcoming Adversity - How Mental Toughness Can Help You Thrive!

Learning Outcome:
At the end of this session, you will be able to:
1. Build fundamentals of Mental Toughness, understanding its importance in helping you to cope with challenges and achieve desired results
2. Identify and understand the various source and triggering effects of challenging situations and thus overcoming adversity through Mental Toughness
3. Understand the characteristics and attributes of a resilient and mentally tough mindset; as well as strategies of resilience application

Class Description:
Resilience and mental toughness are essential skills for success in today's fast-paced and constantly changing world. These qualities enable individuals to overcome obstacles, adapt to challenges, and thrive under pressure.

To develop resilience and mental toughness, it's important to cultivate a growth mindset, set goals, seek support from others, practice mindfulness, and visualize success. With intentional effort and practice, individuals can build their ability to persevere through difficult situations, stay focused, and maintain a positive attitude. By honing these skills, individuals can achieve breakthroughs and succeed in their careers, businesses, sports, and personal lives. In this OnLive Class, you will learn how to overcome all this adversity, how to work under pressure despite various challenges and how you thrive through Mental Toughness!

Overcoming Adversity - How Mental Toughness Can Help You Thrive!

event Date :
Tuesday, 28 March 2023
schedule Time :
8:20 PM - 9:45 PM
India :
5:50 PM - 7:15 PM (GMT +0530)
Indonesia :
7:20 PM - 8:45 PM (GMT +0700)
Malaysia :
8:20 PM - 9:45 PM (GMT +0800)
Philippines :
8:20 PM - 9:45 PM (GMT +0800)
Sri Lanka :
5:50 PM - 7:15 PM (GMT +0530)
Thailand :
7:20 PM - 8:45 PM (GMT +0700)
United Kingdom :
1:20 PM - 2:45 PM (GMT +0100)
Uzbekistan :
5:20 PM - 6:45 PM (GMT +0500)
Vietnam :
7:20 PM - 8:45 PM (GMT +0700)
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