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Entrepreneurs Team Optimal Performance | ReSkills OnLIVE Class

Entrepreneurs Team Optimal Performance

What is flow state?

According to the Medical Dictionary by Farlex and Partners, flow state is defined as “An altered state of consciousness in which the mind functions at its peak, time may seem distorted, and a sense of happiness prevails. In such a state, the individual feels truly alive and fully attentive to what is being done.

Entrepreneurs face many challenges in their daily life. Many are unsure about how to grow personally and professionally. Some suffer from impostor syndrome, and others feel burned out and fatigued all the time. There are business owners who feel disconnected, both from themselves and their team; and a portion of them could not even be sure about their emotional needs.

As visionary leaders of growing teams, entrepreneurs need to stay grounded while achieving peak performance at work. This is why being in flow state is of utmost importance for them. 

When you’re in a flow state, you are happier, more productive, and better equipped to be successful. With all these factors in place, entrepreneurs can achieve their potential and help their team members grow very rapidly and efficiently. In this session, join multi-award-winning Mompreneur and social impact strategist Niney Chong and founder of Hearts & Minds Development Centre, Malar Villi, to learn how to reach flow state and achieve optimal performance in your personal and professional life. 

In this program, you will learn about the following:

  • Emotional awareness and regulation
  • Self-confidence and self esteem
  • Social awareness and regards for others
  • Perseverance
  • Adaptability
  • Assertiveness and autonomy
  • Optimism
  • Collaboration
  • Personal growth and well-being
  • Finding your purpose

“People who learn to control inner experience will be able to determine the quality of their lives, which is as close as any of us can come to being happy.” ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience 

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Entrepreneurs Team Optimal Performance

event Date :
Wednesday, 07 December 2022
schedule Time :
9:20 AM - 12:00 PM
United States :
6:20 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT -0700)
United Kingdom :
1:20 AM - 4:00 AM (GMT +0000)
Malawi / Cameroon :
10:20 PM - 1:00 AM (GMT -0300)
Pakistan :
6:20 AM - 9:00 AM (GMT +0500)
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6:50 AM - 9:30 AM (GMT +0530)
Sri Lanka :
6:50 AM - 9:30 AM (GMT +0530)
Indonesia :
8:20 AM - 11:00 AM (GMT +0700)
vietnam :
8:20 AM - 11:00 AM (GMT +0700)
Malaysia :
9:20 AM - 12:00 PM (GMT +0800)
Philippines :
9:20 AM - 12:00 PM (GMT +0800)
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